The Fingerprint
For Misinformation

Introducing Bitpress News - the scalable solution for identifying misinformation.

About Us

Bitpress News is a nonpartisan corporation founded in 2017 to fight misinformation in a new way. Through the combination of technology and news analysts, we aim to prevent the spread of misinformation online. We accomplish this in three steps:

  1. Identifying misinformation when it occurs.
  2. Fingerprinting the instance of misinformation so that it can be identified in different forms (articles, memes, tweets, videos, etc.).
  3. Providing this fingerprint to platforms and consumers so they are aware when they encounter misinformation.

We believe that misinformation is civilization's greatest threat, and that current solutions for misinformation cannot solve this problem at scale.


Bitpress News was founded by three individuals-Lloyd Armbrust, Eric Oetker, and April Halasz-who met while working at OwnLocal. Backed by the Knight Foundation and other investors, OwnLocal has worked since 2010 to improve the business model for local newspapers.

After observing the rising impact of misinformation during the 2016 U.S. election, we felt compelled to do something to help stop this threat. After many late nights working on different ideas, Bitpress News was born.

Bitpress News is owned entirely by its three founders and OwnLocal Inc. OwnLocal’s full list of investors can be seen here. When funds are raised directly for Bitpress News in the future, a list of investors will be maintained on this site. We do not accept money from organizations or individuals with documented or apparent partisanship.

Our Process

Unlike traditional fact-checking organizations, Bitpress News uses a data science platform combined with human fact-checking analysts to identify and rate misinformation at scale. You can learn more about our methodology here.

Bitpress utilizes an established worldwide network of news organizations and journalists.

Founding Team

Brought to you by the team behind OwnLocal, a group of industry experts with experience in journalism and the business of news.

A project of the OwnLocal Network.