Peer-To-Peer News Protocol

Introducing Bitpress - a decentralized protocol for publishing news, tracking its credibility, and monetizing its content.

The Problem

Modern civilization is at risk.

"Fake news" is just the tip of the iceberg. The internet and social media have nearly eliminated the cost of publishing content. It is now easier than ever for bad actors to spread misinformation for profit or to advance a political agenda.

At the same time, the business model for news has broken. Online publishing cannot support high quality journalism. Advertising on for-profit news sites produces the wrong incentives, often resulting in sensationalist clickbait.

With misinformation on the rise and no model for sustainable journalism in sight, we won't know who or what to trust.

The Solution

Bitpress is for news what Bitcoin is for money.

Bitpress creates a decentralized ledger of trust that enables journalists and news organizations to identify bad actors and prevent misinformation. Built on a blockchain, this process is completely transparent, tamper-proof, and immune to censorship by any government or organization.

To create a sustainable business model for journalism, Bitpress provides all the necessary tools for both news organizations and independent journalists to thrive.

Measures the
credibility of news

To stop misinformation, we developed BitpressRank, an algorithm that leverages the consensus of news organizations to objectively quantify the accuracy of information.

Enables a sustainable
business model

The Bitpress Network provides new ways for news organizations to make money, while simplifying micropayments, subscriptions, pledges, and sponsorships into a single platform.

Works with
existing platforms

Natively supports integration with the internet and social media allowing any publisher or journalist to establish credibility while taking advantage of the new business models that Bitpress supports.

How news works on the blockchain.

At its most basic level, a Bitcoin transaction is a directed edge between two wallets. Likewise, a Bitpress Bulletin is a directed edge between a Bulletin Article and another piece of content. Where Bitcoin transaction sends Bitcoin, a Bulletin can send support or opposition. This is accomplished through references a journalist declares when writing the Bulletin.

  "id": "5d84971222838f23c505a2646800491b25d63396",
  "author": "1SFS6LQ6LxaH8vWtpqi7mjRD7uDiY6U",
  "publisher": "A98FjZsraHHCUnzNVLBTcyvj45hmbnZp",
  "text": "The liberty of the press consists, in my idea, in publishing the truth...",
  "type": "article",
  "citations": [
      "link": "",
      "quote": null,
      "weight": 1.0
      "link": "",
      "quote": "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!",
      "weight": -1.0

Bitpress utilizes an established worldwide network of news organizations and journalists.

Any marketplace economy requires both buyers and sellers, or in the case of news, content publishers and readers. Where others have failed to establish this marketplace, Bitpress is successful because of it's existing relationship with over 3,500 news organizations globally. These organizations provide a trusted starting place and jumpstart the network with both content and readers.

Founding Team

Brought to you by the team behind OwnLocal, a group of industry experts with experience in journalism and the business of news.

A project of the OwnLocal Network.



Read our whitepaper.

The Bitpress whitepaper introduces a sustainable model of journalism supported by consensus-based credibility algorithm that works by writing trust to the blockchain. To read it, please click the button below.

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