Probably False

Strasbourg Shooting Was a False Flag Government Operation to Subvert "Yellow Vests"


Strasbourg shooting was a false flag government operation to subvert "Yellow Vests."


Probably False


A theory that the Strasbourg shooting was a false flag government plot to subvert the “Yellow Vests” was refuted by French Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior, Laurent Nuñez.

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Veterans Today


  • Veterans Today published a story suggesting the French “deep state” plotted the Strasbourg attack in order to subvert the “Yellow Vest” protests.

Thus it is quite likely that the French deep state might have instigated one of jihadists on its payroll to carry out the Strasbourg atrocity to break the momentum of the Yellow Vests protests, which have posed the single biggest threat to the elitist Macron administration since coming to power last year.

  • RT countered the false flag claim with quotes from French Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior, Laurent Nuñez:

“I don’t understand how anybody could imagine this… We should call it for what it is – such ideas are obviously coming from conspiracy theorists,”

  • France Inter, a general public radio channel of Radio France, also posted an interview with Nuñez on Twitter where he discounted the claims.
  • Buzzfeed News reported that Strasbourg shooting conspiracy theories surged to the point that “Yellow Vest” Facebook groups had to “lock down” their comment sections:

Some of the biggest Yellow Vest groups on Facebook are having to lock down their comment sections as users flood French News Feeds with conspiracy theories about Tuesday night’s attack in Strasbourg, eastern France.

  • No additional evidence has been uncovered to support the false flag theories.


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