Travis Scott Was Photographed Cheating on Kylie Jenner

Photo by The Come Up Show is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Travis Scott was photographed cheating on Kylie Jenner with an unknown woman.




Christian Adam, a YouTube personality, admitted he had staged the photo as a “social experiment.”

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Photograph shared on social media.


  • A photograph emerged on social media that appeared to show rapper Travis Scott intimately embracing a woman that is not his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner:
  • Scott denied that he was the man in the photos in an Instagram post:

“Trolls always wanna create some fake shit to destroy real love.”

  • The man that staged the photograph, Christian Adam, posted a YouTube video on Dec. 5 admitting that the photo was staged. He explained how he faked the photo, including adding a TMZ watermark to make the photo look more credible.
  • Buzzfeed provided a breakdown of the story.


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