BMW Announced a New Major Plant in the U.S.


BMW announced a new major manufacturing plant in the United States.




While BMW CEO Harald Krüger announced that the company is considering a new U.S. plant, plans have not been finalized.

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Donald Trump


  • BMW CEO Harald Krüger told reporters at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Tuesday that his company was considering opening a new plant in the U.S.

“We have talked for the past few years about an engine plant to support our North American production and sales. And now, with increasing production levels in North America, we are again investigating this option.”

  • After news that General Motors was closing plants, Donald Trump tweeted Thursday morning that BMW has announced a major new plant:
  • A BMW spokesman confirmed to HuffPost on Thursday that it is considering building a plant in the U.S., but that plans have not been finalized.


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