Wind Farm Blades Kill 75% of Birds Living Nearby


Wind farms blades kill 75% of birds living nearby.




The study notes that fewer birds live near wind farms, but does not suggest that the reduced populations are due to deaths caused by wind turbines.

Claimed By

The Daily Mail


  • The Daily Mail published an article with the title - “Wind farms are the ‘new apex predators’: Blades kill off 75% of buzzards, hawks and kites that live nearby, study shows.” The story referenced a study published in Nature.

  • While the Nature study does conclude that there are roughly four times fewer birds living near wind farms, it does not imply that the population reduction is due to deaths. Rather, it asserts that birds choose not to live nearby wind farms.

“By reducing the activity of predatory birds in the area, wind turbines effectively create a predation-free environment that causes a cascade of effects on a lower trophic level.”

  • The Daily Kos reported on the incorrect claims made by the Daily Mail.


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