High School Class Gave Nazi Salute While Posing for Prom Photos


Male students from the Baraboo High School junior class gave a Nazi Salute while posing for prom photos.




Multiple students and parents have confirmed that the photo was real.

Claimed By

Jules Suzdaltsev


  • Journalist Jules Suzdaltsev tweeted a prom photo of male students from Baraboo High School that appeared to show them giving a Nazi salute:
  • Suzdaltsev initially claimed that the photo featured the Class of 2018 but he quickly corrected this and explained it was the Class of 2019.

  • Multiple students began reaching out to confirm the photo was real, and to explain the circumstances that led to it being taken:

  • In a letter to parents, district Superintendent Lisa Mueller asserted that the photo was not taken on school grounds.


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