Fair Play Austin Petition Would Help Bring Soccer Stadium to City


Fair Play Austin petition would help bring soccer stadium to the city.




The PAC’s petition would have required the already approved McKalla Place stadium to also pass a public vote, harming its chances of being built.

Claimed By

Fair Play Austin canvassers


  • The Austin-American Statesman reported Wednesday on false claims made by canvassers representing a local political action committee, Fair Play Austin.

  • A video taken by City Hall lobbyist Mark Littlefield showed canvassers claiming that signing a petition would help bring a soccer stadium to the city:

  • In reality, the stadium has already been approved by the city of Austin and the petition aimed to halt its progress forward. Fair Play Austin is funded by Bobby Epstein, chairman for the Circuit of the Americas, who is planning to build a competing United Soccer League stadium to the city.

  • Counsel for the group, Nikelle Meade, claimed that the canvassers were misinformed and not intentionally instructed to promote false information.


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